SC 311 Introduction to Logic Design
SC 312 Small Computer Systems
SC 330 Applied Algorithms for Engineers
SC 450 Microprocessors


SC 500 Digital System Design Automation
SC 504 Advanced Data Structures
SC 533 Advanced Discrete Mathematics
SC 534 Discrete Stochastic Models
SC 546 Computer Communications and Networks
SC 561 Error-Control Codes
SC 571 VLSI Principles and Applications
SC 700 Design of Asynchronous Circuit and Systems
SC 700 Internet Information Protocols
SC 700 Quality of Service Networking
SC 730 Information-Theoretical Design of Algorithms
SC 749 Interconnection Networks for Multicomputers
SC 752 Theory of Computer Hardware Testing
SC 753 Fault-Tolerant Computing
SC 761 Information Theory and Coding
SC 891 Computer Engineering Seminar